Expand, Experience, Excel

Expand Your Knowledge

Number Theory and Combinatorics - As a participant, you will take two advanced math courses in number theory and combinatorics and experience mathematics rarely taught in high school. Whether you're a complete beginner or have studied these topics on your own, you will be learning from an expert in the field, and you will be placed into a course that ensures the difficulty is right for you.

"I walked away with a different view and perspective on mathematics... knowledge that I would never get in the high school setting."

- Cherish, Math Circle '16

summer math camp students
Experience College
math camp students going to class

Collegiate Life and Community - Take a walk in the shoes of a university student! At Math Circle, you will experience the academic and residential life of a college undergraduate, all while living and learning in a close-knit community of students who love doing mathematics together.

"My daughter's perspective has completely changed after meeting so many wonderful people at Math Circle."

- Parent of Minji, Math Circle '17

Excel in Academics

College Readiness and Capstone Project - No matter what major you choose, the problem-solving skills learned at Math Circle will help you succeed in college. In addition to courses, you will hone your research and communication skills through a capstone project. These projects can even turn into deeper research experiences with college professors and can enhance your college applications.

"I was able to complete a research paper."

- Julia, Math Circle '16

math program research project