at Emory 2019

Steven Olsen, Executive Director

Steven received his master's degree in mathematics in 2018 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Inspired by his own participation as a student in Math Circle, Steven took over the LSU Math Circle in 2015 and expanded it into a multi-program nonprofit organization. He also coached the Math Circle Competition Team from 2012 to 2018.

Brad Elliott

Combinatorics 1 & 2

QTM Math Circle 2018-2019

Mr. Elliott grew up in central Kentucky and is working toward a PhD in mathematics (graph theory) at Emory University.  Brad is also the director of a weekend math enrichment program on Emory's campus.  For fun, he enjoys landscaping, knitting, and playing board games. He lives with his husband and two dogs.

Sudip Sinha

NT 1 & Coding in Python

LSU Math Circle 2019

QTM Math Circle 2019

Hi! I'm Sudip, a graduate student in mathematics at LSU. My current research focuses on making sense of probabilistic events that are dependent on "information from the future", for example, insider trading. I'm also interested in the foundational aspects of mathematics like logic. In my spare time, I like to play my classical guitar and dance Argentine tango. My website is

Dr. Robert Schneider

NT 2 & Ancient Arithmetic

QTM Math Circle 2019

I am a Ph.D. graduate of Emory University (2018) having worked under the supervision of Ken Ono. My research interests lie primarily in number theory and combinatorics. I am also an indie-pop musician, composer of instrumental and experimental music, recording studio producer/engineer, and co-founder of the Elephant 6 Recording Co., a collective of musicians and artists.

Teaching Assistants
Luci Mai

LSU MC 2018-2019

QTM MC 2018-2019

Hey! I'm Luci and I'm studying mathematics and statistics at LSU. This summer is my second year working with Math Circle. I fell in love with mathematics when I joined my high school’s Mu Alpha Theta. My dream is to return to my alma mater to teach math and be a MAΘ sponsor.

Bryson Kagy

QTM Math Circle 2019

Hi! I just gradated from Georgia Tech where I majored in Math and Physics. I will be starting my PhD in math this August at North Carolina State. I have been a math TA for 3 years at Tech and I really enjoyed being able to help students. I also was one of the organizers of the first Mathapalooza which was this year at the Atlanta science festival. I can't wait to meet you guys and for us to get excited about math together!

Residential Assistants
Angela Cao

QTM Math Circle 2019

Hello! I am currently a student at Emory University pursuing Mathematics and Linguistics. I would eventually like to pursue teaching and research in the middle ground between these two subjects.

jt jefferson.jpg
JT Jefferson

QTM Math Circle 2019

Hi! My name is JT Jefferson and I am currently a third-year student at Emory University pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Human Health. Ultimately, I plan to pursue a career in International Policy, specifically with issues of development. I am also super excited to meet and learn with students this Summer!