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Instructor (Graduate student, postdoc, or high school math teacher with strong teaching experience)

Instructors are directly responsible for their class of approximately 30 students. Instructors make and carry out lesson plans, monitor student progress, supervise students during class and daytime activities, supervise TAs, and enforce classroom discipline.


We are seeking instructors to teach number theory and electives (such as statistics or coding). If you have an idea for a STEM elective course that is appropriate for high schoolers, please include this in your email.

Teaching Assistant (Mathematics undergraduate student with passion for teaching)

TAs help instructors inside and outside the classroom and work directly with students during class time. They are responsible for aiding instructors with lesson plans, clarifying material and enforcing behavioral guidelines during class, serving as role models, and ensuring student safety during the day program, which runs from 8am to 5:30pm. Lunch is provided.

Residential Assistant (Undergraduate, preferably upperclassman with boarding experience)

RAs live in the dormitory with boarding students for the duration of the program. They are responsible for ensuring student safety during the overnight/residential program, planning and implementing evening activities, creating a sense of community, enforcing behavioral guidelines, and serving as role models for students. Room and board for three weeks is included.

Positions Available by Site

QTM Math Circle at Emory (Atlanta, GA)

Instructor, TA, RA

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